Advancing environmental assessment methodologies: A case study on Pentle's framework through component analysis for complex objective functions

Liudmila Pavlichenko, Aliya Aktymbayeva, Asima Koshim, Aikerim Yespolayeva, Zhanna Assipova


This paper explores the evolution and refinement of environmental assessment methods in response to contemporary challenges. While various methodologies exist, R. Pentle's proposed calculation method, represented by a multiple linear regression equation, stands as a significant contribution. However, this method requires refinement. To address this, the paper uses a case study approach within the State National Natural Park (SNNP) Katon-Karagay to investigate the impact of recreational load on tourist routes and the associated environmental load. Through component analysis, a complex objective function is developed within Pentle's framework, emphasizing the need for a standard-setting procedure and offering a fresh perspective on environmental functions. Rather than conventional rating scales, the study advocates for an innovative approach to delineating environmental scenarios. Importantly, this approach extends beyond environmental data analysis, offering applicability across diverse datasets, including economic and social inputs. The findings contribute to advancing environmental assessment methodologies, offering a versatile framework for understanding and managing the impacts of recreational and environmental loads in protected natural areas.


Liudmila Pavlichenko
Aliya Aktymbayeva (Primary Contact)
Asima Koshim
Aikerim Yespolayeva
Zhanna Assipova
Pavlichenko, L. ., Aktymbayeva, A. ., Koshim, A. ., Yespolayeva, A. ., & Assipova, Z. . (2024). Advancing environmental assessment methodologies: A case study on Pentle’s framework through component analysis for complex objective functions. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 7(3), 1320–1329.

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