Chronic causes of school violence at secondary schools in South Africa: Case of King Cetshwayo District

Presley Velenkosini Dube, Alan Bhekisisa Buthelezi, Primrose Ntombenhle Khumalo, Kofi Nkonkonya Mpuangnan


This study examines the chronic causes of school violence at secondary schools in South Africa. The prevalence of violence within South African schools has drawn attention from various stakeholders due to its multifaceted nature. It encompasses forms like bullying, factional conflicts, substance-related incidents, and more. Such violence, whether physical or emotional, inflicts severe harm on both individuals and the educational system. A comprehensive report by the South African Institute of Race Relations highlighted the alarming status of school safety, echoing media coverage that underscored the widespread nature of these issues in schools across the nation. Employing an interpretive paradigm and a case study centered on secondary schools in the King Cetshwayo District sought to explore the causes of violence. The purpose of this study is to identify the underlying causes driving this concerning trend, guided by Social Learning and Social-Ecological Development theories. We used a qualitative method to collect data through semi-structured interviews, observations, and document analyses. To ensure the credibility of findings, data from multiple sources was triangulated. Analysis of the data followed thematic approach, and findings were presented thematically. Both internal and external factors influence the causes of school violence, according to the findings. Given these findings, we recommended a collaborative and integrated approach among all stakeholders to effectively tackle and mitigate the pervasive issue of school violence.


Presley Velenkosini Dube
Alan Bhekisisa Buthelezi
Primrose Ntombenhle Khumalo
Kofi Nkonkonya Mpuangnan (Primary Contact)
Dube, P. V. ., Buthelezi, A. B. ., Khumalo, P. N. ., & Mpuangnan, K. N. . (2024). Chronic causes of school violence at secondary schools in South Africa: Case of King Cetshwayo District. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 7(3), 1235–1247.

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