Investigation of natural ventilation using a solar chimney in various solar cases

Mostafa Ahmed Abdel-Baky, EL-Desoki Ibrahim Eaid, Ibrahim Ahmed El-Khaldy, A Farghal Tawfic


The high cost of conventional energy production, its uses, and its negative environmental impact led scientists to look for many ways to solve this problem. The main issues are environmental pollution, the high cost of air treatment, and the high cost of energy production. An essential solution is using renewable energy instead of traditional energy (petroleum, coal, natural gas, and electric power). As it is a permanent energy source, it causes no air pollution and is cheaper. In this work, an experimental study was conducted on using solar energy as an energy source in the natural ventilation of buildings and the factors affecting this ventilation. A solar chimney has been installed with and without storage materials to store energy for natural identity during sunrise and after sunset. In this work, the difference in air density with different temperatures is the main factor for energy production, which leads to a change in the airspeed (natural ventilation). The study indicates that indoor air velocity can remain higher than ambient air velocity during the day and at night for several hours. This reduces demand and dependence on conventional energy usage, which leads to cost reductions and a reduction in air and environmental pollution.


Mostafa Ahmed Abdel-Baky
EL-Desoki Ibrahim Eaid
Ibrahim Ahmed El-Khaldy
A Farghal Tawfic (Primary Contact)
Abdel-Baky, M. A. ., Eaid, E.-D. I. ., El-Khaldy, I. A., & Tawfic, A. F. . (2024). Investigation of natural ventilation using a solar chimney in various solar cases. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 7(2), 587–606.

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