Intention of learners to continue online learning using the extended TAM framework

Siti Haryani Shaikh Ali, Shahrinaz Ismail, Yuhanis Omar


This study examined the characteristics that impact students' intentions to use Microsoft Teams as their primary teaching and learning platform. A total of 171 students were randomly selected to complete an electronic questionnaire that tested the constructs of the extended Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The results indicated that “perceived usefulness” and “attitude” towards the platform together with “perceived ease of use” (R2 = 73.9%) were the most important predictors of students' intention to use Microsoft Teams in the future (R2 = 77.8% and 73.9% respectively). This study recommends lecturers and students communicate more to increase the student’s intrinsic motivation in online learning by incorporating various activities that promote collaboration, communication and active learning in the online environment. Such activities can be facilitated by the platform and can include online discussions, peer review, group projects and collaborative problem-solving tasks. In addition, the study suggests that lecturers should provide more training and support to students on how to use MS Teams effectively to enhance their learning experience.


Siti Haryani Shaikh Ali (Primary Contact)
Shahrinaz Ismail
Yuhanis Omar
Ali, S. H. S. ., Ismail, S. ., & Omar, Y. . (2023). Intention of learners to continue online learning using the extended TAM framework. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 6(4), 927–935.

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