Challenges and interventions in developing instructional materials: Perspectives of public school teachers in basic education

Johnny P Cayabas Jr, Delia A Sumeg-ang


This study aimed to explore the challenges faced by public school teachers in Bauko District II in developing instructional materials. The researchers used a quantitative method and distributed questionnaires to 150 teachers across the district as their primary means of data collection. This method allowed the researchers to gain insights from a substantial number of teachers, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the challenges they faced. The results of the study highlighted two primary critical issues faced by teachers: the scarcity of time due to heavy workloads and the difficulty of keeping pace with technological advancements. Additionally, teachers reported significant challenges related to insufficient skills, knowledge and understanding of instructional materials, limited policy support and inadequate administrative assistance.  In accordance with these findings, the study demonstrated some significant ways to improve the creation of instructional materials in rural communities with limited resources.  The   study emphasised the need for computer literacy training as a result of the expanding digitalization of instructional content.  A functional instructional material development committee should be established to improve the process as well as organizing training workshops for instructional material development and encouraging partnerships with higher education institutions (HEIs) to gain access to specialized expertise.  The study strongly advocates for the implementation of sustainable capacity-building mechanisms by the department of  education  such as regular workshops and follow-up sessions  to provide continuous support to teachers in material development. Moreover, the study proposed fostering collaboration with other institutions and inviting experts as resource persons to seminars and workshops to enhance teachers' proficiency in crafting effective instructional materials.


Johnny P Cayabas Jr (Primary Contact)
Delia A Sumeg-ang
Cayabas Jr, J. P. ., & Sumeg-ang, D. A. (2023). Challenges and interventions in developing instructional materials: Perspectives of public school teachers in basic education. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 6(4), 849–855.

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