Factors Affecting Audit Professional Ethics - Approach from the Perception of Auditors in Vietnam

Le Doan Minh Duc


Auditor independence is one of the most important attributes of audit professional ethics. This article delivers a full insight into the perception of auditors about independence in the auditing activities in Vietnam. The article approaches from the auditor's perception in the actual working environment. The article uses a mixed approach based on the experimental methodology. The article uses the archival research method and group discussions method to analyze and assess the research problems and verify by experimental data. The article takes the group discussions with experts and surveys 300 directors, auditors, auditor assistants who are working in 70 auditing firms. The results show that perception of independence is affected by moral awareness, working environment, and professional Association. Factors affecting auditors’ independence from moral awareness of auditor include perception of utilitarianism, perception of deontology; perception of egoism. Factors affecting auditor’s independence from working environment: business philosophy, management practices. Factors relating to the professional association as orientation, supervision, risk of audit practice. In particular, factors relating to the risk of audit practice do not promote the preservation of auditor independence due to the low litigation risks in the Vietnamese auditing environment while the remaining factors motivate auditors to increase their independence. The article implies that the auditors, the audit firms, and the Association of Certified Public Accountants should possess appropriate orientations and policies to raise the perception of auditor independence. Thereby, auditors will improve their attitude and behavior to ensure independence.


Le Doan Minh Duc
ducldm@ueh.edu.vn (Primary Contact)
Duc, L. D. M. . (2021). Factors Affecting Audit Professional Ethics - Approach from the Perception of Auditors in Vietnam. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 4(4), 238–246. https://doi.org/10.53894/ijirss.v4i4.201

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