Studies on food safety of melon in its food supply chain

Fraidoon Karimi, Fazel Rab Aria, Abdul Qahar Qarluq


Food safety is an important issue in the food supply chain and food trad. Since unsafe food will cause serious health problems. Melons may contaminate with bacteria, viruses or parasites. Findings of studies indicating that pathogens may transfer from the skin to the flesh of the fruit while fruit cutting. Salmonella, Listeria, Norovirus, and E. coli can easily multiply on the flesh which is low in acidity when temperature is ambient. Thus, consumption of melon in the past considered a reason of illness outbreaks. To reduce the possibility of illness, personnel and kitchen hygiene should be strictly considered during the preparation of melons for consumption. So that, it is important to take care of hygienic measure such as sufficiently large and clean working areas, clean hands, clean knives and chopping boards. These apparently simple of hygiene rules are more important since a small dose of pathogens can cause a serious infection and illness. Further, recommending to food retail stores, catering businesses and households to cut up a quantity that they can eat in a serve, and/or can sell within two hours. Households should quickly eat melons after cutting up or put in the refrigerator as quickly as possible. Cut melons which are unrefrigerated for longer time or exposed to direct sun light, should not be eaten. More attention should be given to people who are vulnerable, including, sick persons, elderly as well as small children and pregnant women.


Fraidoon Karimi (Primary Contact)
Fazel Rab Aria
Abdul Qahar Qarluq
Karimi, F. ., Aria, F. R. ., & Qarluq, A. Q. . (2019). Studies on food safety of melon in its food supply chain. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 2(3), 33–38.

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