An overview of the establishment and strength of the Shir and Khurshid of Timurid governance system

Mahdi Mysam


Following the Mongol era and the instability of the llkhanis, Amo river areas and Transoxiana saw a favorable situation to turn into a great empire. Amir Timur Gorkani who had established himself as a person with great military intelligence in Transoxiana, gathered his loyal forces and with his resolution and valor founded a government that made many people from east to the west fear even by hearing his name. Timurid banners were designed with pictures of a lion and the sun that were associated with tyranny and light. This government unique characteristics had enabled it to stabilize its dominance over a great area after a short period of time. In order to recognize Timurian strong foundation, its governance must be studied. In the scope of research purposes, library methods and analyzing authentic sources of timurd authors have been used. Military arrangements based on Genghis Khan’s yasai and use of public fear for conquering different areas, an economical – governmental system compatible with the situation of the time, appointing competent and reliable people for governmental posts and integrating a Mongol and Islamic government in itself answered all governmental necessities. Of course, Timur was a Muslim himself but one of those Muslims who allotted most of his time for life and governance. Forced immigration of artesian to the government’s favored areas made Samarkand and Bukhara to be considered among the best cities of the world. In this work it has been tried to study Amir Timur’s governance for political, economic and military stability using authentic academic resources.


Mahdi Mysam (Primary Contact)
Mysam, M. . (2019). An overview of the establishment and strength of the Shir and Khurshid of Timurid governance system. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 2(3), 28–32.

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