Processing charges

The normal processing fee is 60 USD ($)

Payment can be done through PayPal or Western Union Transaction    

For further details about the payment method please contact us through this email:

There is no article submission charges in this journal.

Note: IJIRSS editors will not accept poorly written articles for publication. In this case, IJIRSS provides proofreading and language editing services for both English and Persian articles. For the editing or proofreading of all articles, $ 3 (USD) will be charged per page.   

 نوت: نویسندگانی که مقالات شانرا از افغانستان برای نشر در آیجرس می فرستند. می توانند فیس چاپ مقاله مربوطه ای شان را از طریق نوی کابل بانک  ارسال نمایند