Studying the application of signification in linguistics and logic

Nilofar Hashimee


The topic under discussion is the application of signification in linguistics and logic. Signification in language is an important issue, and without understanding the signification it is impossible to know other parts of the language in linguistics. The purpose of this review is to examine the ways of sharing and differentiating the use of signification in Linguistics and Logic. In this study, initially the significations in linguistics and logic are examined individually and then analyzed and compared. Linguistics is directly and indirectly related to the knowledge of logic and many issues such argument, reasons, inference and rejection and modification of problems are considered in both logic and linguistics. Also, significations in applied linguistics, semiotics and logic are one of the most important issues and it has its own application in both areas. Therefore, it’s analysis has a special significance in both knowledge and makes us better aware of the elements of language such as signification, signifier, signified, the linguistic signs and the role and significance of these elements which contribute to the structure of the language system. In this review, it is indicated that signification is one of the important topics in the sciences of linguistics and logic, and the study and research related to this topic is important to better understand the language. By studying the theories and views of scientists it can be concluded that the role and application of signification in linguistics and logic is the same, and in both sciences, the relationship between signifier and signified is called signification. However, in terms of classification, signification in both sciences has its own types.


Nilofar Hashimee (Primary Contact)
Hashimee, N. . (2020). Studying the application of signification in linguistics and logic. International Journal of Innovative Research and Scientific Studies, 3(4), 135–141.

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